Custom Sizes For Boys Shalwar Kameez: How To Place Order?

Regarding Pakistani wear for boys, how can one forget about a boy’s shalwar kameez that makes your kid look even cuter? However, the main issue that most parents face while buying online is sizes!

Have you been there? No worries, with our custom size options, your boy will fit right in our shalwar kameez and look even more confident! 

The following paragraphs will elaborate on the process of ordering custom boys shalwar kameez sizes: 

Step 1: Choose Your Size Preference: 

At Filli, we aim to facilitate our customers as much as possible. That’s why we are offering both: 

  • Standard Sizes
  • Customised Sizes 

So, you can either select a size from our size chart or give your measurements. So, choose accordingly! 

Get Your Boys Shalwar Kameez In Custom Sizes NOW!!

Step 2: Select Your Boy’s Age

Whether you opt for our sizes or the customized ones, selecting your boy’s age is essential. That’s because our prices vary according to the age of your boy! 

If you’ve opted for our size chart option, then you will see something like this:

You have to select the age, and the price will be automatically updated, and that’s it. Your order for boys’ shalwar kameez has been placed! 

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For custom boys shalwar kameez size, you’ll see something like this:

It’s the second last step for ordering custom-size boys shalwar kameez. Even though you must provide the custom measurements, it’s essential to select your boy’s age as well (because our prices vary age-wise) 

Get Your Boys Shalwar Kameez In Custom Sizes NOW!!

Step 3: For Custom Boys Shalwar Kameez Size, Fill The Measurement Form:


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Finally, the last step!

Now, you must provide the exact measurement of your boy’s size. So that he could enjoy the flexibility of the perfect size. 

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The measurements that you’ve to provide are the following: 

  • Kameez Length 
  • Kameez Shoulder 
  • Kameez Chest 
  • Kameez Sleeves 
  • Pajama/Shalwar Length 
  • Pajama/Shalwar Poucha

Now, place your order. In the blink of an eye, you’ll get the perfect-sized shalwar kameez for your little boy – Freshly Stitched From Our In-house Stitching Unit! 

Get Your Boys Shalwar Kameez In Custom Sizes NOW!!


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